Sunday, September 30, 2012


My state, like many others, has passed legislation for what how it will measure an effective teacher. I am by no way saying that I agree with my state, but at this point I have to figure out how I can keep my job and keep moving my students.

So I was sitting in a meeting and listening to all the things that the administration wants me to do:
  • As an English teacher, I am the ONLY content area that is tested twice (reading and writing) so they want us to have TWO goals - one for reading and writing.
  • Since apparently we are the only area that teaches both (which is a joke), we have to track all of our students in growth in those two areas.
  • One of the mandated areas for growth is the CSAPs - which are our state tests that do not effect our students in any way, but now can impact our job. It is high stakes testing with no buy-in from the students and too much from the teachers. Have you read Freakonomics???
  • They want us to grow all students a certain percentage. This may be easier for the average level kids,  but it is the highest and lowest kids that are really going to make a teacher seem ineffective. So all of your good teachers will be teaching the average kids and not wanting to jeopardize their jobs by teaching the high and low ends which is exactly where you want your good teachers to be.
In any case, I was sitting there so glad for the class time that I have carved out by flipping my classroom. To be honest, I can't imagine how I could do the things that are being asked of me and not have flipped my classroom. I now have time to talk to students and have discussions about their writing. I can walk around and see and talk to every student - so no one can hide. I think that moving forward, teachers are going to have to seriously consider flipping the classroom for two reasons:
  1. It really is the best use of class time and the best thing for your students.
  2. Your jobs may depend on it.