Thursday, June 14, 2012

Standards Based Grading

We have been piloting this in the English department for two years at our high school and the kids and parents love it. I just attended a presentation by Dr. Marzano and my decision to stay with standards based was further solidified. We have a great technical document and powerpoint that we have given to our parents and students. I will post them if anyone is interested. But I do believe that this is the way to go in education. It is not inflated grades, but a snapshot of how a student is progressing towards mastery of a standard. It has changed our conversations about students and education and to be honest, you could not pay me to go back.

Standards based grading document

Standards Based Grading PPT


Cheryl said...

Hi! I found you through Troy Cockrum, via Twitter. I'm another English flipper - my website is - and I have a running list of flipped English bloggers, which I'll add you to as well now.

I sent a request for access to your SBG file, as I'm exploring how SBG and flipped mastery can intersect in my classroom. I'd love to talk to you about it at some point!

Mrs. Miller-Payton said...

I've also used this method for a while. I'd like to see how you guys do it.