Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Back from DC

I was honored to be with a group of amazing educators in Washington DC for this past weekend. We are all members of the Flipped Learning Network Cadre and a large education corporation flew us out to start a conversation about the changes in education. As I sat there and heard how the Ed-Tech dept of the Dept. of Education was interested and wanted to hear my webinar (as a former English teacher themselves), I am reminded of my humility.

I want to take a moment and remind people that Flipping is not just about creating and publishing videos. It is a fundamental paradigm shift that any good educator must undergo in order to do what is best for their students. There is also no ONE way to do a flipped classroom or ONE time in the lesson cycle where supplemental materials fit best. It is what is best for your students for this ONE lesson. And we have to continue to be flexible in meeting our students needs in order to be effective teachers.

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Penelope Swenson said...

I particularly appreciate that you insist there is no one way. So many are seeking bromides or simple solutions. Flipping is work! Thanks for your blog and for your reflective nature.