Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Reaction to Amendment 66

While I know that tax hikes in hard economic times are not the popular thing, I was shocked to read the following reaction from the anit-66 people from the Denver Post:

"Passing Amendment 66 would have gravely wounded the state's economy and business climate, while rewarding a reform-resistant education system with an un-earned windfall."

It stopped my breath for a minute- reform-resistant? We are not reform-resistant, we don't have the ability to change when we don't have the resources. How can you expect people to grow if you don't give them what they need - tools, training, and other resources. And not all of us are reform-resistant. In fact, if  you read (which by the way you can thank a teacher for that) up on educational reform, you will find that the Flipped classroom started here in Colorado and is still going strong with some of us. However, we have had to buy our own equipment while not getting a raise for over 4 years.

Every time I think that somehow someone out there will understand what needs to happen in education, I am shut down by ignorance and people who only look for the bad instead of taking the time to find the good.

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